Businesses fail for many reasons.

Not knowing is the most common.

How often is it said “if only I had known”.
In business you are often expected to pay for knowledge, no matter how useful it turns out to be. 
We think that the more knowledge that is shared the better for everyone.
Milamber Ventures Plc has created this site to collaboratively create and share business stories in order to give you better business insights. 
Knowledge for those starting, running and growing businesses. 

Practical know-how, packed with real life experiences, that will stop you making mistakes and help you succeed on your business journey.

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How To Do Investor Pitches

Andy Hasoon gives an insight into the funding process.

Milamber Acquisition Fundraise

Milamber is acquiring a Construction and Engineering Training company in the South West of England.


We have secured 50% of the funding to buy it already, and we are looking for qualified investors to join the syndicate to do the rest.


Ideal investment size is £10k to £25k per person – Investor Relief qualified.

No One Needs Your Product 

Stop telling everyone how great your product is and start asking if it will have value to the consumer.

Engage Works

Engage Works is a creative technology company that brings brands to life.

go to market.jpg
Who Is The Customer Anyway?

Creating a compelling strategy to engage customers.

Milamber Investor Events

Investment events open the door for companies to obtain funding. Milamber runs regular event to allow companies to present themselves and meet qualified  investors.

I want to believe!

What are investors really backing?

breast cancer.jpg
12 Months Longer To Live

Margaret McEwan tell the story of launching a new treatment that can give an additional 12 months of life to those with metastatic breast cancer.

Select Invoice Financing

James King of Select Invoice Finance talks about his business model and the investment they are attracting to grow their business. 

Don't think different. Be different.

Its all very well to tell the world that your company and products are different and unique. But are they really?

cloud film.jpg
Cloud Film

Cloud Film makes immersive film programmes following compelling stories using emerging techniques and technologies to facilitate behavioural change. 

You Are Pitching.
Are They Catching?

Its all very well to tell the world that your company and products are different and unique. But are they really?


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