How often is it said “if only I had known”. Too many times is often the answer.

Created by Milamber Ventures,, If Only I Had Known is a “How To” platform for entrepreneurs and their businesses


  • How to avoid the pitfalls of doing something for the first time.

  • How to learn from mistakes.

  • How to share the successes that work.


Over 50% of new business’ fail within the first 5 years. And if technology based then its higher in the 70% to 80% range.

42% of those fail because the product or team may not be viable. By sharing this knowledge collaboratively we believe that we can help improve people starting, running and growing businesses.


We believe it is critical to the success of a business, so we want to put a spotlight on it. Help us by: ​ If it is is critical to a business’ success, we want to put a spotlight on it.


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