Everyone in business has learnt hard lessons at one time or another. We are bringing together Milamber's Ambassadors and friends to tell their most interesting, and more importantly, useful business stories.

Lessons Learned will cover a range of topics though a regular film vlog. 

We have teamed up with Pulse Studio in Bristol and converted a sound recording studio into a filming studio.

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been in the studio filming weekly. Aside from content like the Entrepreneur Series we have filmed a regular Video Blog. The purpose of the Video Blog is to capture some of the business tasks we do at different times during the year on film to share with you.

For example the first VLOG is all about “New Year Business Planning” and defining Roles, Responsibilities and setting Objectives for your people and the company.  

These are currently being edited and will be published shortly.

Interviews to secure Lessons Learned

We have also approached several of our shareholders who we call Milamber Ambassadors and people who have interesting stories to tell so that we can conduct interviews of them and get on film their “Lesson’s Learned”.

These are the hard-earned lessons learned from mistakes, and from successes that we gather as we journey through life that we can share with others so they can learn from our experiences.


We are currently scheduling the first filming sessions – once filmed and edited these will be published here.

If you think you have interesting stories to tell and would be interested in becoming a Milamber Ambassador please contact us.



The Flux Innovation Story

Back in 2012 Don Eales introduced Steve Blyth and Andy Hasoon at a pub near the Truman Brewery in what was then called London’s Tech City. A trendy part of London that housed over 2000+ start up’s. Both Andy and Steve turned up to the pub on their mopeds, starting chatting and they are still firm friends and business colleagues today.

Steve and Andy came up with the idea of Flux back in late 2012 – it started off as an event running on the 31st January 2013 in the Truman Brewery.


Its purpose was to secure new business for Engage and the 20+ innovation companies we worked with at the time. They decided to do a BHAG! A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.


The BHAG being to put on an event in 6 weeks planned during the Christmas period - people thought they were mad! but they knew they could do it.


Henry Ford quote, “If you think you can or can not do something – you are right.”


They even managed to create a magazine which was published in time for the event with lots of case studies of the work they were doing. An amazing sales and marketing tool that paid dividends well after the event had run. 650+ people attended and it was a huge success.

Then in 2014 Milamber and Engage co-founded the Flux Innovation Lounge as a permanent exhibition space in the City of London.

The Flux Innovation Lounge celebrates its 6th anniversary in April 2020, owned today by Engage Works one of Milamber’s digital technology innovation investments.

Here is an interview with CNBC. This gives you a feel for how the space worked when we launched.

We renew the Technology in Flux every 6 to 12 months.

In 2019 Milamber ran DigiThon 2019 at Flux: www.DigiThon.co.uk


Here are some of the videos that give you a feel for the evolution of the Flux Innovation Lounge over the years.