Good For Business. Milamber believes in doing charitable and social good works. Here are just some examples of the projects we have worked on and our favourite case studies from Engage Works one of Milamber’s digital technology innovation investments.


Change Someone’s World…


In the Autumn of 2019 we wanted to put together a film that explained an idea that we had been working on. The idea was to to capture on film education projects so others could learn from them.

First Star

We helped British film producer, and philanthropist Peter Samuelson bring his US Foster Youth Charity here to the UK and launch it at St Mary’s University in Twickenham as a pro-bono project.

Only 6% of Foster Youth get to go to College or University in the UK.

But with the First Star programme in the US they are showing transformational results with the children that attend the First Star Academies helping over 90% go onto further education.

Watch the video to find out more about what First Star are doing at:   

Sky Academies

This case study gives you a feel for the work Engage Works (one of Milamber Portfolio Companies) have done with Sky Academies over the past 6 years. We were told by Sky Academies at Christmas that 24,500 children last year participated in this multimedia education experience.

Watch this trailer for more details about the experience.

Another favourite case study from Engage Works is what they did for Landsec and the Piccadilly Christmas lights in October 2017.

As part of the Digital Campaign £25,000 was raised for the Barnardo’s - the Children’s Charity. Talk about blending Corporate Social Responsibility with great marketing.

Engage Works teamed up with Twitter to create an interactive Twitterverse at ‘#TwitterLive’ which took place in London.

Collaborating with the best designers, artists and creative masterminds, #TwitterLive put guests at the heart of an inspiring experience that celebrates passions on Twitter.

The focus was on the top 5 passions, including Sport, TV, Music, Film, Fashion and Food.

An immersive and interactive manifestation of these passions was displayed on a 11metre curved projection screen at the event, allowing users to step into a conversation on Twitter, and delve into some great Twitter stories, all from a single iPad.

The Twitterverse was created using clusters of selected data streams aggregated from specific Twitter passions and feeds. Data is then visually manifested into a construction of nodes and connections, each forming layers of complex information that can be filtered live by a host on stage. The user is able to filter out layers of information to access passions, feeds and even singular tweets..